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A 2015 Roundup Plus A Few Small Resolutions!


FuerteventuraSo here we are folks, another year down and hopefully many many more to go! This has been one of my favourite years yet and I am very excited to see where 2016 will take me.


I am currently writing from my bed (my favourite place) while waiting for family and friends to arrive to celebrate the New Year so it seemed a perfect time to reflect on the past and also look to the future.

My Career 

Has finally begun! This is the year that I finally finished studying and begun my career. So far I have loved it but I cannot believe quite how much there is to learn. In 2016 I will have the opportunity to view a few more departments and I am very much looking forward to doing so.



Moving into the Big Wide World

In January I moved to London. As somebody who has spent much of my life in rural areas this was quite terrifying! I am, however, happy to report that I have really settled in. I have the perfect flatmate, a wonderful flat and am perfectly located to get to most places within London. I never thought that I would feel relaxed in the hustle and bustle of London but relax I have, it is a city of opportunities and I look forward to discovering many more in the New Year.


Borough Market

The Shard


In December 2014 I got my hands on a Canon 1200D with a 50mm lens and a zoom kit lens and begun exploring the the world through a lens. I attended a photography course to teach me the basics of how to use a camera in manual mode and soon invested in a 24mm pancake lens which is perfect for group shots and holiday photos.

As a joint birthday and christmas present I have been very fortunate to receive the Olympus PEN EPL7, also known as the ultimate bloggers camera!!! (I will do a separate post on this very special gift). This will give me a much more portable option though I will not be getting rid of my trusty Canon just yet, I just have too much love for that camera!  So one of my New Years Resolutions is to continue to improve my photography and learn how to use the Olympus in manual mode, at the moment it just completely baffles me! Luckily I am signed up to go on a photography course with my mother in the New Year so that will be a good way to start on my resolution!






Another new hobby, as you will have seen from my previous post I have begun learning to use a sewing machine. This is one of my dreams so I am very excited to have finally bitten the bullet and bought a sewing machine. I am sure it will take a very long time to get any good at it but I have been having a lot of fun experimenting!!!

In the New Year I would really really like to sew my first dress and my ultimate dream project is the Betty dress from Sewoverit, but that might be a tad ambitious!




So my blog has been a little up and down this year, I have yet to develop much of a regular readership and my job means I find it hard to post regularly. I’m really hoping to be able to improve my blog significantly this year and build up a regular readership, even if its only 10-15 people!!


Frozen Banana Cheesecake


And Finally…. 

My main New Years Resolution is to try and lose some weight, starting work has resulted in a little bit of weight gain so unfortunately I am making the bog standard I will lose weight resolution!! Not ideal! Time for a lifestyle change and a bit more home cooking I think!



Have you made any New Years Resolutions? Or have you made good on any resolutions from last year? I would love to hear from you in the comments!





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